Homeschool calendar board

Stay organized with these creative homeschool calendar board ideas. Plan your homeschool year with ease and keep track of important dates and activities for a successful learning experience.
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Morning Time is a coming together of all of the children in a home education setting, enjoying subjects that span across a wide age range. Usually these subjects emphasize character training, connection, truth, goodness, and beauty. Here are seven elements of our morning time!

Hannah Ainsworth
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Creating your own annual homeschool calendars is a lot like doing a puzzle! You have the school days, the number of weeks of school, as well as the vacation days all to fit together. There is no one way this puzzle has to fit together! You can design it to fit your needs and lifestyle. This brings so much freedom! From a year-round schedule or one that follows the traditional academic calendar, there are several types of annual homeschool schedules to consider. Keep reading to learn more!

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Kids love to ask questions. Maybe you’ve barely poured your cup of coffee in the morning before getting peppered with questions like this: What day is it? What month is it? What’s it going to be like outside today? It’s adorable most days, and other days, well, it can be a bit much. I’ve started […]

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