Homemade chicken and duck feed

Discover homemade feed recipes for chickens and ducks that will keep your poultry healthy and happy. Take control of their nutrition and provide them with the best feed for optimal growth and egg production.
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If you're like me, you grew up feeding ducks bread. It was the thing to do with a stale bag! I assumed it was fine to eat, especially since it fluffed up nicely in the water appearing easy to digest. Well, to my surprise as an adult, we really shouldn't feed ducks bread! I'll explain

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For generations, children have been reading Make Way for Ducklings, inspiring countless trips to the local pond to feed and visit the ducks.  What most don't know is that bread and crackers are the worst food to feed these birds.  Learn why and what you should feed ducks, along with a healthy homemade duck feed recipe | Ducks | Children's Books | Robert McClosky | Preschool | Diy Duck Feed Recipe, Diy Duck Food, Duck Food Diy, Duck Food Ideas, Food For Ducks, What To Feed Ducks, Duck Waterer, Duck Food, Worst Food

The iconic children’s classic, Make Way for Ducklings, celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. It has inspired a love of ducks in generations of children. And the desire to interact with ducks in public parks everywhere. How many of you went to feed the ducks as a child, and have…

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