Home office with sofa bed and desk

Create a versatile and efficient home office space with a comfortable sofa bed and a practical desk. Find inspiration to maximize productivity and relaxation in one room.
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When space is limited, it sometimes feels like you have to make an awful number of sacrifices. In fact, you might even have to give up your dreams of having a dedicated workspace just to have somewhere to sleep at night! The reality is that some clever people are living amongst us, and they’ve come up with incredibly advanced pieces of furniture like murphy beds with integrated desks to ensure tiny living is no barrier to having what you want and need. Without further ado, let’s explore some…

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The Inova Sofa-WallBed is a murphy bed with a sofa that automatically tucks inside the murphy bed as it transforms from sofa to bed. No removal of cushions is needed! Available to match any style and they are extremely durable. They are the go-to murphy bed for Contract, including hotels, multifamily, and student housing properties.

Lillian Boyd