Holy father

Discover inspiring and thought-provoking quotes from the Holy Father. Gain wisdom and guidance from the leader of the Catholic Church.
The Holy Spirit depicted as a dove descending on the Holy Family, with God the Father and angels shown atop, by Murillo, (c. 1677). Dali City, Lucian Freud, Willem De Kooning, Christian Art, St Joseph, Art Thomas, Akiane Kramarik Paintings, Catholic Art, Cristo

Is it possible that early Christians believed in reincarnation? Although some may find this idea unbelievable, several Christian sources (including the Bible) suggest that many centuries ago, it was common to believe that one does not come to Earth just once, but various times.

Anderson Giannetti
What were the roles of a biblical priest, and are they relevant today? Who should be a priest? #pastor #church #synagogue #mediator #prayer #nation #worship #temple #incense #sacrifice #God #holy Inspiration, Catholic Priest, Priesthood, Priestess, Priest, Catholic Art, Priest Outfit, Holy Father, Royal Priesthood

Those of us who grew up in a high church, that is, a church that practices formalities, rituals and liturgies, along with the priests or pastors who wear long robes with big crosses, have a basic understanding of the duties of a priestly position. But do the priests of today, whether in the church or […]