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Transform into your favorite Hobbit character with these creative cosplay ideas. Step into the magical world of Middle-earth and bring your favorite Hobbit to life with these unique costume ideas.
I really want to be a hobbit and I LOVE her outfit! She posts about making it too. Borrowers Aesthetic, Hobbit Fashion, Hobbit Cosplay, Hobbit Costume, Hobbit Party, Lotr Costume, Fair Outfits, Fest Outfits, Fantasy Costumes

Yay, my Hobbit costume is essentially finished! I'd like to remake the skirt if I find a fabric that hangs better in my moss color (or is dyeable). I need a wig, I'll make a cloak before the December premiere, and I'm hoping to one day make believable looking feet. But, here's the whole thing. The first pic is very large so you can see the lovely dragon buttons.

Jessica Saybe
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Hey lovelies! So anyone who knows me knows that I am a humongous fan of The Hobbit, and in honor of not only the DVD coming out but also the special look at the sequel, I have decided to come up with a Get-the-Look for a few of the characters (and having seen the film multiple times in theatres I've gotten a pretty good look at how the costume designers put together each look) and will be doing so for the upcoming releases of the las two installments- so WOOHOO two-three more years of The…

Brooke Ryan
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A female Hobbit costume is a great idea for women fantasy fans to wear for Halloween and also cosplay. Even if you are searching for information for theatrical purposes, this is a great page to start with. Discover how you can dress just like a female Shire Halfling character very easily. There are some easy methods to use and this resource shows you how the basic outfit should be worn as well as making sure...

Alexandra Kyriakidou