Hip injuries

Learn how to prevent and treat hip injuries with expert tips and advice. Discover exercises, stretches, and lifestyle changes to keep your hips healthy and pain-free.
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Joint replacement surgeries are becoming more and more common as the population ages and more injuries occur. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, hip replacement surgeries are one of the most common joint replacement operations in the nation. An article titled “Prevalence of Total Hip and Knee Replacements in the United States,” (LINK), […]

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Hip bursitis or trochanteric bursitis is a tricky condition. It’s sometimes called “the great mimicker” because its symptoms are easily mistaken for other conditions like back pain or gluteal muscle injuries. But I’ve also found that quite a few patients I’ve seen have been misdiagnosed as having trochanteric bursitis when in fact the pain was caused by something else. Some of the links in this article are to pages where you can buy products or brands discussed or mentioned here. We earn a…

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(Source: Bruce Klemens) (Source: Bruce Klemens) Movement disorders and motor programming are all the rage in the physio-world these days and that’s a great thing. We’re stepping back and opening our eyes to the entire body as a system, trying to understand the positions and habits that lead to problems, rather than simply treating the joint as a...


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