Healthy homemade pizza

Indulge in a guilt-free pizza night with these healthy and flavorful homemade pizza recipes. Discover how to make your own pizza dough and top it with fresh, wholesome ingredients for a satisfying meal.
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This Greek Yogurt Pizza Dough is quick and easy to make with a few staple ingredients, doesn’t have yeast or a rise time, and produces tasty homemade pizzas! Customize these healthy pizzas with your favorite toppings, and enjoy them for lunch, dinner, or anytime a pizza craving hits!

Annaleen Rebelo
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This low calorie pizza is easy and fast! You can make it in just 15 minutes (from start to finish!)I made this amazing healthy pizza sauce with Rachael Ray and Bob Harper (from The Biggest Loser) and since then I have created an even lower calorie dough.Special Tip: I can't be sure what yummy toppings you might want to add, so I did not include them in the nutrition. I did however add the nutritional information below so that you can choose for yourself.

Jessica Haynes

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