Healthy habits for kids

Instill healthy habits in your kids with these fun and easy ideas. Help them develop lifelong wellness practices and set them up for a healthy future.
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Occupational therapists can play a powerful role in establishing healthy habits in kids. The Occupational Therapy Framework indicates a connection between healthy routines and occupations, making healthy habit monitoring and implementation of strategies a meaningful role for therapists to address. Therapists work on a variety of skills when they take the “whole person” lens on ... Read more

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A basic worksheet for young learners to reinforce some vocabulary containing 3 exercises. First, ss have to match the picture to the action, then they fill in the gaps with the correct letters, then fill in the gaps with the correct words. The ws could be proceeded or followed up with some questions e.g "how can you eat well?" "what kind of exercise can you do?" (Made using vocabulary from Macmillan Tiger Tales 2 unit 5 - What's the Matter?) - ESL worksheets

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Kindergarten Worksheets help your kids get off to a great start. It’s the start of their education. Help them reinforce skills and concepts in Math, English, Phonics and more. There are many to choose from so print them all and they can practice learning even more. We also have many more educational coloring pages, activities […]