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Griphook (d. 1 May 1998) was a goblin who worked at Gringotts Wizarding Bank in Diagon Alley. He would later go on the run during the height of the Second Wizarding War following the fall of the Ministry of Magic and the rise of Lord Voldemort's new regime. He would later assist Harry Potter in his break-in of Gringotts in order to obtain Helga Hufflepuff's Cup. However, despite being rescued by them, Griphook's general mistrust of wizardkind resulted in him betraying Harry Potter, Ron…

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There is only one wizarding newspaper in Britain, discounting such small circulation publications such as The Quibbler. The Daily Prophet, whose headquarters are in Diagon Alley, is delivered by owl on a daily basis to nearly every wizarding household in Britain.Description of the newspaper The Daily Prophet was a wizarding newspaper based in London, England and was the primary source of news for British and Irish wizards. The latest known Editor in Chief was Barnabas Cuffe, who worked in…

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Hufflepuff was one of the four Houses of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Its founder was the medieval witch Helga Hufflepuff. Hufflepuff was the most inclusive among the four houses, valuing hard work, dedication, patience, loyalty, and fair play rather than a particular aptitude in its members. The emblematic animal was a badger, and yellow and black were its house colours. The Head of Hufflepuff was Pomona Sprout, and the Fat Friar was the House's patron ghost. Hufflepuff…

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Professor Septima Vector (fl. 1974–1996) was a witch and Professor of Arithmancy at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from at least the 1991–1992 school year. She may have also been the Advanced Arithmancy Studies teacher. Professor Vector was known among students as a "really strict" teacher, so much so that some pupils were unsure whether to take her classes. She was also known for giving her pupils plenty of highly complicated and difficult homework. Her subject was Hermione…

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The Peruvian Vipertooth was a copper-coloured dragon native to eastern and north-eastern Peru. In the late 19th century, Vipertooth numbers once went on an alarming increase and became a serious threat to wizards and Muggles alike. The International Confederation of Wizards was forced to send an extermination squad in to reduce the Vipertooth population. The dragonologist Harvey Ridgebit was the first person to catch a Peruvian Vipertooth. The disease Dragon Pox was originally contracted by…

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A Grindylow is a small, horned, pale-green water demon and a Dark creature. Newton Scamander had several Grindylows in his suitcase during his travels to New York in 1926. Croquis, Fandom, Pottermore, Dark Creatures, Rpg, Potter, Fantasy, Beast, Beast Creature

A sickly green creature with sharp little horns had its face pressed against the glass, pulling faces and flexing its long, spindly fingers.Description A Grindylow was a small, horned, pale-green skinned water demon native to Great Britain and Ireland. The first stage of a Grindylow's life cycle was the larval stage, where it was referred to as a Grypt. It was also known by several local names, such as a "Pollywiggle" in Ilkley, a "Candypole" in Kettlewell, and a "Jarvis" in Sheffield…

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One of the Nimbus Racing Broom Company's most successful models. Highly reliable with good speed and exceptional handling — not for beginners!Description The Nimbus 2000 was a broomstick produced by the Nimbus Racing Broom Company as part of their successful line of racing brooms. At the time of its release in 1991, it was the fastest broomstick in production.[1] The Nimbus 2000 easily outperformed its competitors on the Quidditch pitch until it was replaced as the top broomstick by the…

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