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Explore the history, features, and iconic design of the vintage Harley Davidson WLA motorcycle. Discover why this classic bike still captivates motorcycle enthusiasts today.
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History of the Great Harley Davidson Motorcycles The origin of the motorcycle came from the existence of Harley Davidson. Who does not know Harley Davison (?) History of Harley Davidson originally from a simple idea, namely the intention of William Harley and Arthur Davidson to create a motor that can gobble up the hill in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The most important breakthrough is the machine configured V, which is then also known as the Knucklehead, Panhead, Shovelhead, Evolution, Twin…

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1941 Harley Davidson WLA at the Vintage Motorcycle Show & Swap Meet, Hayden Honda, Kendallville, Indiana. The WLA is a model of Harley-Davidson motorcycle that was produced to US Army specifications in the years during and around World War II. It was based on an existing civilian model, the WL, and is of the 45 solo type, so called due to its 45 cubic inches (740 cc) engine and single-rider design. The same engine, in a slightly lower state of tune, also powered the three-wheeled Servi-Car…

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