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Guy Shares Wholesome Stories About His ‘Mean’ High School Teacher And 23k People Love It | Bored Panda High School Teacher Humor, High School Funny, High School Story, High School Love, Teacher Memes, Funny School Stories, Happy Stories, Feel Good Stories, Cute Love Stories

One person who remembers their school days with fondness is Reddit user 1drose who recounted several stories about their wholesome teacher in high school, and how she helped them out when things got rough.

Eva Yagami
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Throughout life, you will hear two major pieces of advice. One is to live your life to the fullest and achieve as many goals as you can while you’re still young. The other is to live and enjoy the little things. Both are very important (though the notion of “young” is very subjective), but here’s an interesting observation: while we all strive to find joy in life, enjoying little things may be much more difficult than some of us anticipate.