Hanging tomato plants

Take your garden to new heights with these creative hanging tomato plant ideas. Learn how to grow delicious tomatoes in hanging baskets and maximize your garden space.
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One of my favourite things about summer is planting a vegetable garden! It's far from perfect, but it works for us. Some vegetable gardens are big, and some are small, and some people still manage to grow vegetables on nothing but a balcony. Whatever your space situation is, this list of 15 unusual vegetable garden ideas has you covered and will get your creative juices flowing. Vertical Vegetable Garden If you live in the city, you know that sometimes land comes at a premium. So if you are…

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Here are some tomatoes (variety Tumbling Tom) grown by Kath in Linlithgow, near Edinburgh. They are planted into some of our Self-watering Hanging Baskets and fed our Tomato Liquid Feed. This is a great idea if you don’t have much space and miss the just-picked flavour of home-grown tomatoes. Kath says:"I really was amazed at how easy it all was to do and I'm sure the tomatoes taste better than our greenhouse soil-based ones. Will be trying it again next year."

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Caring for hanging tomato plants is basically the same as caring for tomato plants in garden soil. The primary difference is that those growing in containers will need more water and fertilizer than those in the landscape, requirements that are impacted by the type of container.

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