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Explore a collection of unique handmade guitars that are crafted with passion and precision. Find the perfect instrument to elevate your music and create beautiful melodies.
How to Make an Acoustic Guitar

How to Make an Acoustic Guitar: Look I'm building a guitar! - Me You're doing what now? - Quite literally everyone else Hi and welcome to my longest woodworking project so far. Let me tell you the story of how I ended up building an acoustic guitar with only little woodworki…

Nick Drake

Danou Guitars are finest Swiss handmade Guitars. Daniel Meier is a professional carpenter and guitar maker from Bischofszell, Switzerland.

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After several electric efforts, it's time for an acoustic. We entered strange paths and the mind began to move differently. Designs came, ideas were hatched and the first example is here. We started our first fully acoustic instrument with an oak body, which received only oil so that the wood could breathe…

Flavio München
Converting a Cheap Acoustic Guitar to a Cheap Resonator Guitar : 7 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables Acoustic, Guitar, Diy, Resonator Guitar, Guitar Inlay, Guitar Body, Converter, Wooden Bowls, Cutting It Up

Converting a Cheap Acoustic Guitar to a Cheap Resonator Guitar: So I bought a cheap acoustic guitar ($15) from Goodwill and thought it would be interesting project to turn it into a cheap resonator guitar. After checking online and seeing what others had done, I did pretty much the same with a few adjustme…