Handmade cat toys

Spoil your cat with unique handmade toys that will keep them entertained for hours. Discover a wide range of options to keep your furry friend happy and active.
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I am, and have always been, a cat person. I love cats and have always had at least one since I was a little girl who begged her mother for a "kitty that goes meow all by itself." About a year ago we brought two little kitten sisters home with us, after we had had

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Making DIY cat toys is a fun and rewarding way to enrich your cat's life while also tapping into your crafty side. These homemade cat toys not only provide endless entertainment for your furry friend but also strengthen the bond between you and your pet. With 25 unique DIY cat toy ideas, you're sure to find projects that suit your crafting level and your cat's interests. From simple designs to more inventive creations, each toy promises hours of play for your beloved feline. The process of…

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Mouse Sewing Project - Teach children how to hand sew their own pocket pet mouse, or sew one for them! Felt pets like these cute felt mice, make a great lovey or comfort object, a cute handmade gift, and, a fun mouse cat toy that can be filled with catnip! Fill a few felt mice up with catnip and watch your furry friend go crazy with joy!

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