Hammered copper

Add a touch of elegance to your space with these stunning hammered copper decor ideas. Discover unique ways to incorporate this timeless material into your home decor for a beautiful and stylish look.
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Hammered Copper Spoon With Simple Tools and Materials: Metal is truly fascinating. It comes in so many forms and is used in so many capacities that the possibilities are literally endless. I’ve been working and playing with various types of metal for about eighteen years now. It really started when I wa…

Charlotte Dooley
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Limited edition in Hammered Copper I will make only 10 pieces of that size and style. Each piece is numbered and signed. Watch it move in the video on the video page. Each element is hammered into it's own sculptural shape and connected in this beautiful flowing and moving piece, carefully balancing each element. It will enhance your wind protected outdoor space or covered porch and moves gracefully in light wind. Although I would advise to take it inside if you expect heavy wind. It will…