Hair fails

Check out these hilarious hair fails that will leave you in stitches. Avoid these styling disasters and get inspired for your next hairdo.
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Anyone who’s ever experimented with their looks knows that mistakes can occur no matter what. That's why we usually turn to beauty salons where professionals do their magic. Whether we hope for a gorgeous hair color or a fabulous new cut, we can already imagine us confidently emerging from the salon and going out to conquer the world. But just as our previous features about makeup fails and tragic hair accidents proved, that’s not always the case.

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Cutting your own hair might seem like a great way to downsize your spendings, but most of us have learned that it isn't exactly an option as early as our childhood. These smart kids probably had the best intentions, too, but after spending some time with scissors unattended, they've probably cried seeing their bad haircuts. Good thing though, that the tears of these funny kids are not in vain as their bad hair day is an excellent laughing material for us! We're not trying to be mean at these…

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