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Explore the captivating journey of Jo Wilson in Grey's Anatomy. Learn about her inspiring character development and how she overcomes challenges to become a beloved member of the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital team.
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"That was a low blow, having him leave Jo to run back to Izzie, especially with all she did to him. This still makes me so mad. He was an amazing character who deserved all the development he built over the seasons, only to have it dashed at the end. So frustrating."—alisonm1

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Grey’s Anatomy‘s Jo is a fiercely independent and outspoken woman who survived a tumultuous childhood before launching her career at Grey Sloan Memorial. She’s also in love with a fellow doctor by the name of Alex Karev and is partial to updos. Hmm… sound like anyone else we know? RELATED | Grey’s Anatomy Shock: Does Derek Have a […]

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