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ShukerNature: 'APE-MAN' OLIVER - THE CHIMP THAT MADE A CHUMP OUT OF SCIENCE Dogs Silly, Man Ape, Fierce Lion, Bigfoot Art, African Jungle, Soviet Russia, Genetic Engineering, Great Ape, Wildlife Safari

Frequently-reproduced media photo of Oliver from the mid-1970s (Associated Press) Welcome to the latest in my occasional series of ShukerNature articles regarding controversial forms of chimpanzee from the past and the present (click here for my article on the bonobo, here for the koolookamba, and here for Ufiti): Among the great and the good who died in 2012 was one very notable celebrity of the non-human, cryptozoological persuasion. His name was Oliver, or, to give him an oft-used media…

Jade Watring Illustration