Golden ratio architecture

Explore architectural designs that showcase the beauty and harmony of the golden ratio. Discover how this mathematical concept influences stunning buildings and structures around the world.
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Sacred geometric shapes and symbols all use mathematical patterns and ratios that are deeply ingrained in our DNA and human subconscious. The golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence are prime examples of mathematical formulas represented in all sacred geometry. These formulas come from the universal laws of mathematics and physics that dictate the creation of the planets, galaxies, and the universe. Sacred geometry is present from the ‘micro level’ of molecular structures, to the ‘macro…

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Designers everywhere should know about the Golden Ratio. It is a mathematical ratio that creates aesthetically pleasing designs. Since the Golden Ratio exists so frequently in nature, it’s not a surprise that its results are natural-looking. The Golden Ratio goes by several other names, too: Divine Proportion Golden Mean Golden Section Phi (Greek letter) Table […]

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This is another example where the architecture was designed with the concept of the golden ration to reach proportion. Design, Architecture, Sacred Architecture, Residential Architecture, Modern Architecture, Films, Calgary Canada, Classic Architecture, City

Influences in the way we film our productions range from directors we like, movies we cherish, and math. Math? Yes, math. Using the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci sequence we can mathematically calculate the beauty of a frame.

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