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Girl Scouts

Discover Pinterest’s 10 best ideas and inspiration for Girl Scouts. Get inspired and try out new things.

EDITABLE Girl Scout Troop Newsletter - 8x10 Print at HOME - Edit with Acrobat Reader

This listing is for an EDITABLE 2020-2021 EDITABLE Girl Scout Newsletter - 8x10 Print at HOME - Edit with Acrobat Reader - https://get2.adobe.com/reader/. IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ FULL PRODUCT LISTING PRIOR TO COMPLETING YOUR PURCHASE FOR POLICIES REGARDING DIGITAL DOWNLOADS. ONLY PURCHASES THAT HAVE NOT BEEN DOWNLOADED CAN BE REFUNDED. Thank you! :) ALL EDITABLE FILES CAN ONLY BE EDITED IN ADOBE ACROBAT READER. Please use the following link to download the free version at https://get2.adobe.com/reader/. If you would like to have this customized for your Girl Scout troop with different symbols, colors or shapes, just send me a quick message on Etsy - I love to get creative! REFUNDS OR RETURNS Due to the nature of this product format, NO REFUNDS are possible AFTER download delivery of the digital product. Thank you for browsing my digital products and for shopping with Sweet Serenity Imaging. :) We truly appreciate your support of small businesses. You will be able to immediately download your purchase after you complete your order if you do not require any customization. Please allow 24-36 hours for customization requests. SAME DAY DELIVERY For same-day delivery please choose the RUSH ORDER OPTION ($6.00) https://www.etsy.com/SweetSerenityImaging/listing/616363259/rush-order-certificate-customization?utm_source=Copy&utm_medium=ListingManager&utm_campaign=Share&utm_term=so.lmsm&share_time=1527119266725 For personal use only. May not be reproduced or sold for commercial distribution. © DESIGN CREATIVE GROUP

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Girl Scouts Leader Binder

A couple weeks ago, Evelyn and I attended a Girl Scouts recruitment meeting. They told us all the troops were full and anyone that would join that day would need new troop leaders. Tom and I had talked about the possibility of me becoming a troop leader, but we never solidified our decision. Not a single person raised their hand and people were avoiding eye contact. I raised my hand, still a little iffy, but she accepted me quickly. The representative said I would need helpers and two women from the front immediately raised their hands; and so it begun. The first thing I did when I got home, was create a new board in my Pinterest account, the second thing was start my leader binder. I took out some health sheets from a half inch binder and started filling it up with Girl Scout things. I started planning, then once I had the money, I bought three 1.5 inch binders, two packages of reenforced notebook paper, plastic sheet protectors, and three pencil pouches. I also bought 15 folders with brads and pockets for the parent folders. I made a simple front with our troop number, name, and a watermark of the daisy petals the girls earn. Opened up, the pencil pouch housed two pens and three gold arrow paper clips. As you can see, the front pouch has changed. I had a second pouch that house different notes and such and now have the pens for parents. The first thing I had printed up was the program guide for our Girl Scout Council. This is the start of my binders. I inserted a few things from the recruitment night into the Program Guide. I went through all the events, highlighted the events Daisy could attend, and struck out all events they couldn't or already passed. Next, was the sign in list from the recruitment meeting with the girls that would be in my troop. (Update: I made a new roster, we just got one more girl, and I made it vertical; it makes it much easier to read and use.) A large print of the layout of the Daisy tunic and vest, and beside it a page I made of the patches and pins the troop fees would pay for. (Update: I put in a different print out of this left page, that now has our Council ID.) I couldn't find a simple list of the petals, name, and color, so I made my own. Printed version of the brainstormed activities separated into their respective petal categories. Holding onto the Daisy membership pins for the Investiture. (Update: This is no longer in in my binder. We had an amazing Investiture!) Notebook paper, with reenforced holes. Membership forms for both adults and girls. A copy of the about me page; "I'm a Daisy Girl Scout!" Copy of Volunteer sign up. (Update: 'Application for Day Trip/Tours' has been added to my forms category. I actually fill those forms out on the computer and email them immediately; I keep this, and soon others like it, to keep on hand as a reference and incase of urgencies.) Plastic sheet protectors in the very back for future print outs and such. UPDATE: Since I posted this, I have changed a few things in my binder as our Troop has developed. I separated my binder in to categories: Roll, Petals, Activities, & Future Ideas, Most Recent Activity Coming Up, Completed Activities, Notes, and Forms. As I was shopping for science project stuff at The Dollar Tree and saw these vertical dividers. I really did need these. I had added dividers, but since I had plastic page protectors, they were mostly blocked. These vertical dividers helped me find what I need quickly. I still have my regular dividers also. 'Completed Activities' are the notes and plannings of each activity we've already done. This category will periodically be emptied and put into a separate folder so my binder isn't over packed with old news. You may ask, "Why keep them?" I am new to the council and we are getting many new troops this year. I've been chatting with other leaders about what we do and how we do it; keeping our notes can help me help another person. Another reason, we plan to make photo books to the girls at the end of the membership year, and our memories are not the best, notes help us remember what happened. I got a new pouch, on sale at Walmart for just $1, and it has two pouches. The slightly bigger, lower zipped pocket now houses paper clips, binder clips, and small sticky notes. Those white tabs are extra labels for my vertical dividers. We just had our first Cookie Training! I have my notes right up front in my left binder pocket. Cookie selling starts on January 14th! Having a binder is a must as a troop leader, as any leader, and I hope this helped you start yours. What do you have in your leader binder? Update: I no longer have these files to share. I give permission to copy/mimic my ideas from this Girl Scout Leader Binder in this post.

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Brownie Quest - Discover Key

It's Your World - Change It!: A Leadership Journey Girl Scout Brownies As mentioned in a previous post, I am serving as co-leader for Brownies for the first time this year. We are a multi-level troop, so other leaders and parent helpers are working with the older girls. Our Brownies will focus on the Brownie Quest Journey and associated badge work this time around. The troop meets every other week for about an hour and a half, which includes some introductory time with the entire troop and snack time. We will lose a handful of meetings to parties, prep work for World Thinking Day, inclement weather, etc. So, that's not a whole lot of time to get things done. My goal is to creatively cram as much fun and badge work into those days as humanly possible. Every now and again, I will squeeze in bits and pieces from Legacy badge work as well. If all goes as planned, the troop should be able to earn their Brownie Quest Journey, My Family Story, My Best Self, Home Scientist and Bugs badges this year. Hopefully, we'll find time for Money Manager and Meet My Customers too. Eek, that's a lot! We'll see how it goes. Quick note related to the Discover Key, which is what this post is really all about. I made an executive decision to switch the order of Steps 1 and 2 in case we ran over into snack time a bit. Our chosen activities just fit better in my mind that way. Also, I typed out and adapted various parts of the script in the Brownie Quest How To Guide, which I read as we progressed through our meeting. Although Tessa and I will likely read the story from the Brownie Quest girls' book at home, we will not read it as a troop due to time constraints. I may use a piece from it here and there, but I have opted not to purchase copies of the book for the girls. My apologies for not posting any photos from our actual meeting. There just wasn't any way for me to snap any while conducting the meeting. I took our camera and meant to have my husband take some, but I totally forgot to have him do so. Maybe next time... Brownie Quest - Discover Key To find the Discover Key, Brownies discover their special qualities and talents, the values of the Girl Scout Law, and the special qualities and values of their families. Meeting 1 Sang the Brownie Smile Song. We will begin the Brownie portion of each meeting with the Brownie Smile Song during the first half of the year. After that, we will switch to the Brownie Hiking Song. Doing so will nearly fulfill Girl Scout Way, Step 1. I downloaded the Brownie Smile Song audio file from Girl Scouts University Song Leading Mini-Workshop and then played it during the meeting as the girls and I sang along. I also created my own lyrics sheet to match the audio file, which uses a slightly different version of the Brownie Smile Song than the lyrics sheet provided by the workshop. I posted the lyrics sheet on a portable magnetic dry erase board at the meeting as a visual aid to help the girls follow along and learn the song. Searched to discover the values of the Girl Scout Law with a scavenger hunt. - Discover Key, Step 2 completed! Our scavenger hunt was very similar to what is suggested in the Brownie Quest How To Guide. I took the activity one step further by having the girls assemble a set of paper keys with the lines of the Girl Scout Law printed on them. The completed key ring doubles as a set of flash cards to help the girls learn the Girl Scout Law at home. I promised a I Know the Scout Law Fun Patch to any girl who can memorize and recite the Law to me without mistakes. For the discover the values of the Girl Scout Law scavenger hunt, I created bright orange packets of paper keys with lines of the Girl Scout Law printed on them that I hid in plain sight around our meeting space. After going ELF, each pair of girls brought back two packets...one for each girl. At my command, they dumped them onto the floor and guessed what the clues added up to. After correctly guessing the Girl Scout Law, we stacked the keys in the correct order. Finally, the girls added paper "Girl Scout Law" key fobs and fashioned key rings out of pipe cleaners (that I previously had cut in half). Completed Girl Scout Law key rings double as flashcards to help the girls learn the Law at home. These must be printed on heavyweight card stock for durability. I used Staples® Brights, 65lb. Colored Paper in assorted colors. Leaders, please note that this activity is not for the faint of heart or cutting challenged. You must cut out eleven keys, plus the heart for each girl! Discovered the girls' special talents and qualities by creating personalized I Spy jars. - Discover Key, Step 1 completed! (This also fulfills Senses, Step 1.) I actually designed Find Out About... Cootie Catcher, which I based on the "Discovering Me" star from the Brownie Quest girls' book, over the summer to fulfill this step of the Journey. While I still think it's a good activity, one my daughter was excited about, the amount of writing it requires nagged at me. Our troop is primarily composed of new second graders who are still learning to spell and develop their writing stamina. I ended up changing my mind a couple of weeks ago. Instead, we made personalized I Spy jars! I had long planned I Spy bottles for the first part of the Senses badge, so I was thrilled when the little light bulb in my head finally clicked on to show me that I could combine both the Senses and Discover Key steps. After a couple of brainstorming sessions with my friends at Pinterest, I decided to design a card with a checklist to make this idea work. The I Spy jars took a lot of preparation on my part, but the girls absolutely loved them. Most of the what-nots I already had in my craft closet, so the jars were cost-efficient for us. If everything had to be purchased new, it could get pretty pricey. Luckily, I've been saving recyclables for over a year and had just enough empty Peter Pan Peanut Butter jars for the troop. Note: The I Spy checklist must be printed on heavyweight cardstock. It also must be sent through your printer twice for front-to-back printing. (I have a duplex printer, but I couldn't get the cards to print correctly no matter what I did. Hopefully, others will have better luck.) Make sure you do some testing on scrap paper, as printers can be finicky. Be sure your paper is stacked neatly after every page or you may end up cutting the margins a little close on some of cards. I actually printed extra and picked the best ones for the girls to use with their jars. The girls in our troop had a blast making personalized I Spy jars to discover their special talents and qualities. I prepared a couple of batches of colored rice and pre-measured it into zipper bags ahead of time. I also cut a funnel from an empty half-gallon milk jug that worked perfectly for pouring rice into the jars. A parent helper hot glued the jars shut during the meeting. Rubber bands were used to attach the removable checklist to the jar. Handed out Discovering Family bag to be completed at home and returned at the next troop meeting. I felt Discover Key, Step 3 a good place to transition to My Family Story associated badgework, so that's what we will mostly be working on during the next two meetings. I also handed out family recipe cards to be brought back the same day. The Discovering Family bag activity will fulfill the final Discover Key step as well as My Family Story, Step 1. The family recipes cards will fulfill My Family Story, Step 2. Quick note: I realized when cutting out the aforementioned completed recipe cards that I messed up when designing them. Some are not correctly sized. And, they are just a funky size, in general. You might be better off searching for free recipe card printables on Pinterest. I'll try to fix this as soon as I can. I created a sample Discovering Family bag for Brownie Elf to give the girls and their parents an idea of what a completed bag should look like. The girls will have fun guessing what Girl Scout Law value their fellow troopmate's families chose at the next meeting. Brownie Elf's family picked "be a sister to every Girl Scout," so she put a paper doll chain, a trefoil and a Girl Scout fun patch in her bag as clues. Her family considers friends to be family. Brownie Elf wants the girls in her troop to feel like family. Meeting 2 (Scheduled for mid-October, 2014.) Share Discovering Family bags. - Discover Key to be earned!

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The Elf on the Shelf®: A Christmas Tradition

This beloved family tradition has captured the hearts of children everywhere who embrace the magic of having a Scout Elf who reports to Santa each night during the holidays. This boxed set has everything needed to make lasting Christmas memories! Includes: Adoptable Scout Elf® Artfully illustrated storybook Keepsake box Official adoption certificate

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Daisy Girl Scout Badge Award Tracker Checklist ***NEW 2021 BADGES ADDED*** Chart Fillable Edit Printable pdf Download

Daisy Girl Scout badge and award tracker. INCLUDES NEW 2021-2022 BADGES Digitally check off badge requirements as girls complete them. Also digitally add the dates completed. **Only name, dates, and check boxes are editable** ***Font size & style are not editable*** **Blank badge lines are editable to add new badges** You will receive one PDF file to download. Designed to fit 8.5" x 11" paper once printed. Can be used year after year. This file is for personal and troop use only.

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Free Girl Scouts' Kaper Chart and Bookmark

Over the last few months my good friend and I began the process of starting up a Girl Scout Daisy Troop. I've made a few things for the group, and I thought others might appreciate having the printables. This doesn't mean that I will be blogging regularly about Girl Scouts--I probably won't. I hope someone finds these printables useful though! One of the Girl Scouts Traditions is a Kaper chart, which is basically a chore chart of sorts. We had the girls pick a "version" of theirselves and color them in. (If you want the images, just right click them and save them to your computer to print out.) Then, after the girls colored them in, I cut them out and laminated them. Then I hot glued the girls onto clothespins, which I attached to this chore chart. I wrote the girls' names on the backs of the clothespins so that it would be easier for me to see who was responsible for what chore. I also made bookmarks for the girls so that they can practice the Girl Scout Law at home. You can download the JPG version of the bookmark here. Anyway, I'm excited to be getting started. We have a great group of girls, and I looking forward to all of the adventures that we'll be having this year. If you are a girl scout "newbie" like me, welcome! Best of luck getting your troop started! If you liked this post, you might like some of my other girl scout posts: Daisy Girl Scout Paper Dolls: Courageous and Strong Petal Activities I did this STEM themed meeting for Girl Scouts:

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Girl Scout Cookie QR Code - Yard Sign Digital File

Custom Yard Sign - Girl Scout Cookie Sale with Unique QR Code  A custom 18" x 24" PDF Digital File. File to be used to upload to a sign shop to order your own Yard Sign. File can also be printed to smaller sizes for flyers. Digital file will be emailed to you within 1 to 2 business days of order. Provide Website URL for QR code to link to Digital Cookie.

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What to do at your first Girl Scout Daisy meeting

After tagging along to all her older sister's Girl Scout meetings and field trips, my kindergartner is finally a Daisy scout. She's so excited. Since I already lead an older girl troop, I figured I might as well lead the Daisies, too. I kind of have an idea of the things that work now and the things to skip or tweak, so hopefully this time around will be even better than the first. Poor older kids, having to be my guinea pigs until I get things figured out. And because I know how hard it is to come up with ideas for meetings, I thought it might be helpful to share what we did at our first meeting with you!

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