Funny turkey pictures

Get ready to laugh out loud with these funny turkey pictures. From silly poses to comedic moments, these images will brighten up your day and put a smile on your face.
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Thanksgiving Humor Just some hilarious pictures that our readers have captioned for us! #1 Thanksgiving Humor #1- Happy Thanksgiving from The Butterball’s. Krysta B. #1 “Come on in, we’ve just put the turkeys on!” The Sanity Inspectors #2 Thanksgiving Humor 'When blondes have one too many, while cooking in the kitchen' Elizabeth N. via Facebook #3 Turkey Humor #4 Thanksgiving Humor 'I am having a HUGE identity crisis right now!' Jennfer S. via Facebook #5 Thanksgiving Humor #6 Turkey Humor…

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The Weirdest Incidents Involving Wild Turkeys This Week - BY JON MOOALLEM - Caption: A wild turkey tom crosses the sidewalk on Beacon Street in Brookline, Massachusetts. Credit: Mark Wilson/The Boston Globe/Getty Images Humour, Wines, Turkey Hunting, Funny Turkey, Funny Thanksgiving Memes, Funny Turkey Pictures, Funny Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Meme, Hunting Humor

Wild turkeys were “everywhere” on Cape Cod, despite having once been extinct in Massachusetts. The birds were also booming again in Ohio, Florida, Texas, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, and New Jersey, where turkey numbers had increased a thousand-fold since 1977, when 22 wild turkeys were brought in from New York and Vermont to restock what was then a virtually turkey-less state. A New Jersey biologist now assured the public: “I think that they are here to stay,” and a local Op-Ed writer…

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