Funny grad cap ideas

Get inspired with these funny grad cap ideas to stand out on your graduation day. Express your unique personality and make your cap a conversation starter among your classmates.
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Graduation is just around the corner for many, and with it, the donning of the traditional cap-and-gown that is the uniform of a soon to be university graduate. But whence did this odd form of dress originate? you might ask. The graduation cap, or mortarboard, is believed to have evolved from the biretta, a hat worn by the Roman Catholic clergy.

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My painted graduation cap. via Found in my sisters bathroom, she insisted it's not horse shampoo. via This florist's sign. via For Teacher Appreciation Week, one of my students made me a booklet of redeemable coupons. He said that the one pictured here allows me to administer one butt whipping. That sentiment isn't exactly conveyed

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Unique 2023 College Graduation Cap Decoration Ideas: What's a college graduation without having the cutest college graduation cap?! If you are looking for unique college graduation cap designs, funny college graduation caption ideas, and unique college graduation cap decoration ideas, look no further! This blog post is all about the best college graduation caption ideas, college graduation cap designs, and more!

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