Funny christmas videos

Get into the holiday spirit with these funny Christmas videos. Watch as Santa gets into hilarious mishaps and see the most epic fails of holiday decorations. Don't miss out on the laughs!
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Christmas 2023 may be behind us, but I’m in absolutely no rush to tear down the decorations or lose the joy of the holiday season. So if you pandas are interested in keeping your Christmas spirit alive, we’ve got a heartwarming list down below that could melt any Scrooge’s heart.

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Ugly Christmas sweater season is quickly approaching, and it’s time for us to narrow down our assortment to the top 10 funniest sweaters of 2018. We love our ugly Christmas sweaters so much, and we spend extra time hand-picking our favorite...

That Girl 🪐
The Christmas Can-Can, performed brilliantly in this video, turns the traditional holiday cheer on its head. Uploaded on YouTube, this performance is a comedic gem that will leave viewers in stitches. With its witty lyrics and lively tune, the song pokes fun at the holiday season's commercialization and the repetitive nature of Christmas music. #Christmas #TheChristmasCanCan #Comedy #ChristmasMusic via @wwjdbuzz Youtube, Comedy, Music, Christmas, Nature, Cheerleading, Christmas Song, Christmas Music, Christmas Carol

The twinkling lights, the smell of fresh pine, and the jolly melodies of Christmas songs fill the air. It's that time of year again! The season when everything seems to sparkle a little brighter, and hearts feel warmer with every Christmas carol. The Christmas Can-Can, a brilliantly comical rendition, is bringing laughter and joy to

Suzy McGowan
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Today, we're introducing a comic series making its debut on Bored Panda. Tardaasa Comics, created by Linnéa Aasa, has a substantial fanbase with over 38K followers on its Instagram profile. Through her series, the artist illustrates the everyday struggles and dilemmas faced by girls. The comics cover a diverse range of topics, including relationships, friendships, sexuality, society, and other relatable aspects most girls can relate to.

Autumn Bell