Funny boyfriend quotes

Share a laugh with your boyfriend with these hilarious and relatable quotes. Find the perfect funny quote that captures your relationship and brings a smile to both of your faces.
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Life is crazy and hilarious, which explains why there's plenty of funny quotes about life out there. These inspirational quotes and funny sayings are great to use on all platforms of social media. Are you looking to add creativity to your Instagram captions? Use these 50 hilarious life quotes that will make your Instagram followers LOL.

Sylvia Fisher
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me every time i see my boyfriend – popular memes on the site #tiktok #internet #boyfriend #cute #sweet #wholesome #love #feature #featureworthy #tiktok #pic

Immi Kirk
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Do you know how it feels when a glob of $15 conditioner slides out of your hand and disappears down the pitch-black abyss drain without even stopping to say goodbye? The intensity of that sheer second of madness is so real that if you've never experienced it, imagine all the overblown drama in Gossip Girl without the safety of the screen, meaning it actually happened.

Karen Jenkins