Full Moon

Capture the beauty of the full moon with these stunning photography ideas. Explore techniques and tips to create captivating images of the full moon in all its glory.
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The moon and night sky was so clear I couldn't pass up taking some shots of the full moon. This moon shot was taken in my front yard at 1:02 AM on April 7, 2012. It was shot with a Pentax K20D DSLR using the Pentax DA* 300mm f/4 telephoto lens. Exposure 1/500s, Aperture f/5.6, ISO speed 100. I used the 2 second timer to lock up the mirror to prevent vibrations. In photoshop, I only did some curves for contrast, cropped the image (100%) and then sharpen. To get the clearest image at night, I…

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The Virgo Full Moon occurs on March 7, at 4:40am PST and 7:40am EST, making it the last lunar event of winter and the astrological year. The spring equinox is almost here and marks the start of the astrological new year. The ice is melting and the buds are blooming.