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Explore the beauty of fractions through creative and captivating art ideas. Enhance your understanding of fractions while creating stunning works of art that will amaze and inspire.
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In Grade 4, we have been investigating the relationship between fractions and decimal numbers. As mathematicians and artists, we started off this inquiry by creating pixel art using Google Sheets by 'filling' squares out of a 10 by 10 table. Once we counted the number of squares of a certain colour to find out the fractional value, we converted the value into a decimal number! (example: seven squares purple out of a hundred squares = 7/100 = 0.07) After this task, we started working with…

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Center School Art: Fraction Art by Grades 3-5 Fractions Art Projects, Math Fraction Art Projects, Fraction Art 4th Grade, Fraction Crafts 3rd Grade, Fraction Art 3rd, Fraction Art Project, Fraction Crafts, Art Grade 4, Math Art Lessons

Wow!!! Third, Fourth and Fifth graders have been working very hard on this Fraction Art lesson which combines math and art. They started with a set number of circles, divided the circles into 1/2s 1/4s 1/8s and 1/16s, and then created a symmetrical collage using ALL of the fraction pieces.

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Teaching How to Make Fractions into Percentages Using Beautiful Quilts — Party in the Art Room Grade 6 Projects, Percent Activities Middle School, Halloween Math Art Projects, Math Art Elementary, Elementary Geometry Activities, Grade 5 Classroom Ideas, Grade 5 Math Activities, Hands On Fraction Activities 3rd Grade, 6th Grade Math Projects Middle School

Want to teach students how to turn fractions to percentages…while also engaging them? In this blog, I’ll show you how you can use an art quilt lesson to help your students with fractions and converting to percentages.

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