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Quench your thirst with these refreshing fountain drink ideas. From classic favorites to unique concoctions, discover the perfect beverage to elevate your next gathering.
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Punch bowls are a staple of every party. Everyone either owns one or knows someone who owns one. So, nobody will think a punch bowl is unique or creative. If you want your party to stand out, buy or rent a beverage fountain. It serves as a practical drink serving method and is a stunning decoration.

Irish Creme
Old-Time Soda Fountain Drinks @Home: The Brown Cow Smoothies, Pop, Soda Drinks, Soda Recipe, Soda Floats, Old Fashioned Ice Cream, Drink Recipes Nonalcoholic, Soda Fountain, Summer Drinks Alcohol

While writing my Prohibition-era novel, Mistaken, I did plenty of research on 1920s soda fountains. And tasty research it was, too! If you’ve always wanted to sample some of these old favorites, you’re in luck. I’m going to be running a series of posts on old-time soda fountain recipes you can make @home. Just so […]

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