Formative assessment

Enhance your teaching with these proven formative assessment strategies. Engage your students, track their progress, and provide timely feedback to ensure their success in the classroom.
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These exit ticket ideas to help students reflect on learning are a great formative assessment to help with the learning process and ensure that students understand the learning material. Teachers can use these exit slips as an informal assessment when they have students respond to the prompt. Stude

Ryleigh Pierce
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Whether they're completed on a piece of paper, a tablet, or a whiteboard, exit tickets are a powerful tool to use in your classroom. Exit tickets are formative assessments that provide a quick snapshot about your students' learning and understanding of a topic faster than any other tool in the classroom.

Jennifer James
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I've been reading the book, Mindsets in the Classroom by Mary Cay Ricci, and just finished chapter 3. It was a real eye-opener. Through all of my years of teaching, I thought I was differentiating by planning and implementing reteaching and enrichment lessons and activities as my class worked through a unit. But in this chapter, I learned how important it is to start the differentiation before the unit even begins! This process begins with the preassessment. So much valuable information can…

Alina Boshnyak