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Discover a wide range of delicious food gifts that are perfect for any occasion. Surprise your loved ones with mouthwatering treats and make their day special with these unique gift ideas.
Simple HOSTESS GIFT IDEAS: (flavored butters, engraved coasters and spoons) Decoupage, Diy, Homemade Gifts, Wood Engraved Gifts, Diy Hostess Gifts, Engraved Coasters, Wood Gifts, Wooden Spoon Diy, Wooden Spoon Crafts

December is such a sneaky month. Every year, it rolls in from out of nowhere and surprises me. Somehow I’d like to figure out a way to slooooow it down though, so I can enjoy every little bit of it. Ahhhhhh….December. And with a new month, comes another Michaels Makers challenge…..and this month was of …

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