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Photo: Bohdan Poshyvailo for Vytoky Project (modern Ukrainian designers inspired by traditional culture and a selection of historical costumes. Vytoky collaborates with museums and collectors such as the Centre for the History of Costume and the Ivan Honchar Museum) Costumes, Folk Fashion, Folk Clothing, Folk Dresses, Folk Costume, Historical Costume, Historical Clothing, Traditional Fashion, Folk

LEMKOS According to one version, Lemko ancestors were the ancient tribes of White Croats who lived on the slopes of the Carpathian Mountains. [quote style="boxed" float="left"]The Lemkos survived many tragic moments in their long history[/quote] The number of Lemkos on territories of pre-war Poland was estimated between 100,000 and 150,000 people. The Lemkos survived...

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FolkCostume: White, Black and Red Embroidery of Chernyhiw Province and East Polissia, Ukraine Folk Dresses, Folk Fashion, Ukrainian Clothing, Folk Costume, Ukrainian Dress, Folk, Russian Fashion, Folk Embroidery, Traditional Outfits

Hello all, Today I want to talk about a type of embroidery typical of North Central Ukraine, in Eastern Polissia, basically the northern parts of Chernyhiw and Kyjiw provinces. This is embroidery done in the color scheme black, red and white. White on white embroidery is very common in various parts of Ukraine, and red and black embroidery is even more widespread, but the combination of the three colors seems to be restricted to this area. The image above shows the shoulder inset and upper…

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FolkCostume: The 5 types of Russian folk Costume Patchwork, Jack Frost, Haute Couture, Regional, Costumes, Couture, Folk Costume, Folk Dresses, Russian Folk

Hello All, I made some reference in my last posting to the 5 types of Russian folk costume, and I thought that I would do a quick summary to introduce them. I should do the same for the 5 types of Ukrainian Costume. That will be forthcoming. These refer stictly to the women's costume. The men's costume does vary, but not a whole lot. Shirt, usually with opening on the side, usually on the left, pants, narrow sash, boots or footcloths with lapty, Overcoat. Type 1 Sarafan. I have seen this…

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Sleeveless fur coat called "keptar" made from sheepskin and decorated with leather, metal elements, embroidery, and tiny yarn pom-pons. Keptar can be worn by both men and women Costumes, Clothes, Outfits, Folk Clothing, Folk Dresses, Folk Costume, Folk Fashion, Outerwear, Traditional Outfits

The Carpathian regions of Ukraine are famous for their traditional crafts and clothing. Nowhere else in Ukraine will you find as richly embellished and outstanding outfits as the clothing used by Ukrainian Hutsuls. These highlanders are very proud, skillful, and hardworking people. And all of that is reflected in their traditional costumes. Some pieces of clothing are used only in Carpathian regions and are really unique. If you haven't seen Hutsul folk costumes, you can't have the full…