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Step into the mysterious world of film noir with these stunning photography portraits. Discover top ideas to capture the essence of this iconic genre and unleash your creative vision.
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12 different cocktails, 4 friends, equals 48 cocktails. And we managed to get most of the photos in focus. This project was really just a good excuse to have a few cocktails with some friends. Cocktails have a classic, sophisticated and seductive feel. I wanted to create photos that matched that. Film noir came to... Open Post

bill danger
In this image only a bit of the face shown which makes it very different to look at as not much of it is visible. Portrait, Art, Human, Silhouette, Human Silhouette

Photo taken at a Film Noir Meetup held October 2010 at Yards Brewery. In addition to shooting, I was responsible for the direction and lighting seen in this shot. The model in this photo is Rob Galland (portfolio pending). Learn more about this shoot here: "Shooting Noir" post at See more shots from this set here: Film Noir Shoot.

Adam Marszalski
Strobist - Film Noir by Indianabond (Eric), via Flickr Films, Photography, Portrait, Light Photography, Dark Photography, Low Key Photography, Studio Portraits, Hard Light, Light In The Dark

Strobist Lighting 102 - Film Noir Exercise I've been trying to come up with a cool concept for the Film Noir Assignment on But I figured before I put my friends through the trouble of having to pose for me, I should at least try out the lighting technique first. So I tested it out on myself. Strobist Info: Canon 580EXII just out of frame, high & camera left restricted with a strip of gaffer tape across the top and bottom. Canon 430EXII behind me and camera-right.

Autumn Lewis
"Come and get me coppers...." By itsjustanalias Films, Noir, Noir Detective, Light And Shadow, Black And White, Negro, Film Inspiration, Blanco Y Negro, Film Noir Photography

Strobist 102, assignment 4.2 Hard Light: Film Noir Strobism: One gridded SB28 at 1/4 power on a stand to the right, one bare SB28 at 1/4 power outside the window, angled up through the narrow slats. I had good fun with this, I'll do some more soon. I had a big book of Film Noir when I was 15 and I loved the look...

Matita Promjai