Female samurai tattoo

Explore a collection of fierce and beautiful female samurai tattoo designs that showcase strength, courage, and grace. Find inspiration for your own unique samurai tattoo and embrace the warrior spirit.
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Get ready to dive into the joyful universe of PizzaCake Comics! Created by the talented Ellen Woodbury, these comics are all about finding humor in everyday life. From funny family moments to her cats' silly adventures, Ellen's comics might bring a smile to your face.

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While taste is subjective, and what one person might think looks amazing for another is a disaster, we, as humanity, can agree that some things are just not too pleasant to look at. Whether it's due to poor craftsmanship, bad ideas, or being bad on purpose, the tattoos shared on a Facebook page called 'Ink Shaming — All Bad Tattoos' are really tough to look at.

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Although it has been said a thousand times before, it doesn’t make it less accurate — self-esteem starts with loving yourself, first and foremost. Now, there are tons of ways and thousands of paths to finding love for yourself, and one of them is getting empowering self-love tattoos to serve as a constant reminder of your worth and beauty.

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