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Random #273 - 50 Random Fascinating Facts - Fact Republic

1. For the first Superman movie producers wanted Christopher Reeve to wear fake muscles under the suit but he refused. He instead started an intense two-month training program which added 14kg to his 86kg frame. He got so big they had to reshoot earlier scenes as they didn’t match the later shots.

1. Things like brass doorknobs and silverware sterilize themselves as they naturally kill bacteria because of something called the Oligodynamic effect.

1. Californium-252 costs about $27,000,000 a gram, making it one of the most expensive elements known to man.

01. It's illegal to pee in an elevator in Singapore, and some elevators have a urine detection device which detects urine odors, sets off an alarm, and closes the elevator doors until the police arrive.

1. Foamy pee indicates there is a protein in the urine and could be a sign of a serious kidney problem.

50 Fascinating Incidents and Facts From the 1960s - Fact Republic

1. In 1964, Canada honored John F. Kennedy by naming the tallest unclimbed mountain in North America "Mt. Kennedy." In 1965, Robert F. Kennedy, as part of a National Geographic expedition, became the first person ever to reach the summit.

50 Fascinating Facts about Billionaires | Fact Republic

1. Chinese billionaire Joseph Lau spent over $50 million on diamonds for two of his daughters, one of which was 1-year-old.

51 Fascinating And Little Known Science Facts For Kids

The world of science is vast and fascinating. Discover diverse and intriguing science facts for kids to surprise them with excellent science-based information.

25 Fascinating Facts about Wives Behind Popular Men - Fact Republic

1. When Jane Hawking, Stephen Hawking’s first wife saw the movie script for The Theory of Everything, she deleted all the F-words, saying “Scientists in the 1960s and 70s didn't use the F-word and I’m pretty sure they don't know either.”

25 Fascinating Facts about First Ladies of USA | Fact Republic

1. Jacqueline Kennedy requested an eternal flame for her husband's grave. Later, when a group of Catholic schoolchildren were sprinkling the temporary flame with holy water, the cap came off the bottle and water poured onto the flame, putting it out.

35 Fascinating Facts about Kings - Part 2 - Fact Republic

1. Persian King Agha Mohammad Khan once ordered the execution of two servants for being too loud. Since it was a holy day, he postponed their execution by a day and made the servants return to their duties. They murdered the king in his sleep that night.

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