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Boost your chances of winning your fantasy football league with these expert strategies. Learn how to draft the best team, make smart trades, and stay ahead of the competition.
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I've been playing Fantasy Football for about 12 years now, and I'd like to hope I've picked up a tip or two about the tips and strategy it takes to nail your Fantasy Football Draft. For some very odd reason I've decided to play in FOUR (woof) Fantasy Football leagues this year. I have my last and final draft this evening, and if you include the three mock drafts I did, this will be my 7th time drafting this season. One live, in-person draft, the rest online. I don't work for the ESPN Fantasy…

Nicole Willison
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Fantasy Alarm's finest participate in a fantasy football mock draft and Howard Bender gives you both the highlights and lowlights of the draft complete with analysis from each participant.

Jill Brueckner

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