Family pizza night

Make your family pizza night a hit with these delicious pizza ideas. Gather around and enjoy a tasty meal together with your loved ones.
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I really try to be organized every Sunday and plan out meals for the week ahead of time. I’ll scan our fridge and pantry to see what we’ve got and what’s missing for any recipes I want to make. Even still, there’s always at least one morning each week where I have no idea what i’ll make come dinnertime and need last minute help. Enter the life-saving, mom-approved Walmart Plus Membership.

Destiny Drakeley
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I’m not sure who started it or when it happened but Family Pizza Night might be one of the most recognized pastimes in good ole’ America. Although we love getting the most delicious pizza delivered to us every Friday night, there’s one thing that's even better... and that’s homemade pizza! Yep. Fresh toppings, homemade dough, and if your really ambitious, homemade sauce. This was our very first time making pizza at home and let me tell you, we loved it! You can create your own signature…

Mal Min