Family history projects

Explore creative family history projects that will bring your ancestors' stories to life. Get inspired to preserve and share your family's legacy with these top ideas.
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4 Unique Family Tree Templates for Genealogy, Craft or School Projects

Are you looking for a beautiful family tree template for a craft or school project, to display in your home or share with family? A blank, printable family tree can be used for all of these purposes and more. The trick is finding one that's styled just right for your needs.

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How to Avoid Writing a Boring Family History

After reading numerous articles with tips for writing a family history, I have cringed as these articles make the process overly complex and the end result becomes cures for insomnia. Watch this video on YouTube.STOP WRITING BORING FAMILY HISTORIES! Many genealogists dream of writing “The Book” for family history, perhaps you’re one of them. Don’t destroy your admirable goal of turning your filing cabinets of facts into a bound book for your family to appreciate their heritage by printing…

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Family History Challenges: Have Fun and Get Inspired!

Here, learn about five family history challenges that you can participate it, by yourself or with a group, to learn and inspire your genealogy research.

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How to Plan and Host a Successful Family History Interview

Senior family members are often the best genealogy resource. Here are family history interview questions to ask to discover more about generations past.

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Planning a Family History Fair? 3 Tips for Success

Do the words “plan a Family History Fair'” fill you with dread and uncertainty? You may have a large event focused on genealogy and family history looming, or you may be asked to organi…

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