Fake wood

Explore the world of fake wood and find affordable and stylish alternatives that mimic the look and feel of real wood. Upgrade your home with these stunning options today.
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How to make a fake wood grain effect | Manning Makes Stuff

Believe it or not, these signs are just foam board! Plus spray paint and wood stain, applied with a wood grainer tool. Here's how I made them...

Rebecca Wade French
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Refinishing Laminate Furniture- How to Stain Laminate

A laminate MCM night stand gets a two tone makeover using gel stain and paint. Learn how to up your refinishing game by "staining" fake wood furniture. To watch the video tutorial click here. For someone who flips furniture for profit - I have a confession. I'd been using a box for a night stand

MaryAnn Mullins Adams
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Faux Foam Facades: Wood Planks and Stone Walls

Faux Foam Facades: Wood Planks and Stone Walls: My partner in crime, BrainTwitch, and I have been building a camping structure (an instructable yet to come) that needed a front wall and a back wall and both were to be made out of insulation foam. I've always wanted to dabble in more prop and set …

Gail Tripp