Extreme Make-up

Take your make-up skills to the next level with extreme make-up ideas. Transform your look and express your creativity with these daring and unique make-up techniques.
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Everyday makeup routine (Tips and tricks for achieving a natural and effortless look)

Developing an everyday makeup routine that exudes a natural and effortless aesthetic is a coveted skill for individuals seeking a polished appearance without appearing overly made up. This routine serves as a reliable go-to for various occasions, whether you're heading to work, running errands, meeting friends, or simply want to look put together throughout the day. By focusing on enhancing your unique features while maintaining a fresh-faced glow, an everyday makeup routine can help you…

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Ideas For Your Next Festival look

As festival season approaches, whether you're a Glasto girl or ready to rock out with Billie Eilish and The Killers at Leeds, it's not just the music that allows you to express yourself. Festival makeup and hairstyles have the power to unleash your creativity and push the boundaries of self-expression. Let's be honest, can you truly achieve the ultimate festival vibes without going all out with a statement makeup look and a cute hairstyle? Festivals provide the perfect opportunity to embrace…

Kayla Evarts