Ex friends

Learn how to navigate the complexities of losing a friend and find inner peace. Discover strategies to heal, grow, and build new connections.
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You were my best friend... I told you all my secrets and you told me yours.. We have been best friends for 15 years and this is how you decide to end our friendship? YOU STABBED ME THEN PRETEND YOU WERE THE ONE BLEEDING! It wasn't your place to do what you did. You ripped my family from under my feet. I was with him for 6 years and have our son together and you decided it was your place to say shit. The worst part of it all was that we weren't even fighting or anything.

Roopa K
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Staying friends with your ex-partner is not what most people would recommend, for obvious reasons. For one, it can be extremely difficult to move on for either of you when you are in touch and hang out as friends. Also, it can (and will) hurt like hell when one of you starts dating someone new. © Instagram/Katrina KaifHowever, if you don’t want to lose the person and keep them in your life, offering to stay friends is the only option you are left with while breaking up. Not to worry, it can…

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