Essential oil ant repellant

Keep ants away from your home with these natural and effective essential oil repellants. Discover how to repel ants using essential oils and create a pest-free environment for your family.
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Did you know there are some essential oils that bugs HATE? I’ll admit I was skeptical, until my friend Beth whipped up a homemade outdoor spray for us while in Florida and it WORKED. And if it works on those ginormous Florida critters I know it’ll work on just about anything! Which also proves that...

Maia K
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This post will get straight to the point and tell you how to mix the different essential oil solutions to use to get rid of the bugs that may be a bother to you. Most of the mixtures were tested tactically on the bugs and ingredients were adjusted to be as effective as possible in causing

Lisa Austin
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It started with just a few ant sightings. One here, two there, and I wasn't particularly worried about it to be honest. There wasn't any food left around for them, and I keep everything clean, so they must have been passing through. Right?Wrong. Oh, so wrong.I walked into my kitchen one morning, and boom! Full on ant party. The walls, counter, floors, trash can... all of it, covered in ants. They had to go, immediately.So, my friends, here is exactly what I did:1. I did NOT crushed them, or…

Bonita Lunt