Emergency kit for work

Stay prepared at work with an essential emergency kit. Be ready for any situation that may arise and ensure your safety and well-being. Discover top items to include in your work emergency kit today.

I have had the pleasure of working a few weddings. But this was by far the nearest to my heart. I am a firm believe in "The Emergency Kit"! Having items on hand reduces stress by a million for me. My kit is listed below. Items are categorized, bagged and labeled (the categories are up to you, whatever helps you remember where to find something). First Aid: Visine Hand Sani Allergy Meds, Advil, Imodium, Pepto,Tums Neosporin, Bacterial Wash Alcohol Wipes (good for shellac nail shine as well)…

Madalyn McFadden
A Mini Emergency Kit for your Purse - B Loved Boston

Happy Wednesday, friends. We are in full vacay mode and I am loving it! Now that we have started to venture out into the world little by little, I'm actually using purses again! Working as a wedding planner I have a full size tool kit of sorts for anything a bride / groom or anyone

Michelle Ganteaume
Things to keep in your office desk during wintertime Decoration, Ideas, Organisations, Winter Essentials, Office Necessities, Office Essentials, Desk Essentials, Essentials, College Prep

When the winter months comes around, you should re-stock your office emergency kit. You never know what mini-crises you might run into working 9-to-whenever-the-work-is-done. A professional lady should always be prepared. The Laundry Room. Spill coffee on your blouse? Skirt clinging like a bad boyfriend? You can’t have your carefully chosen outfit ruined by an unfortunate incident. I recommend keeping a Tide Pen for tiny spills, and …

Becky Hammer
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Yesterday I took a look at our calendar and realized we would be attending a wedding every weekend this month! That is right, it's wedding season and this time around I am getting creative yet practical. I am making first aid kits. To start out with I thought I would buy enough to make 4 comprehensive kits. Step Number One: Print yourself a good old fashioned list of contents. There is a nice list put out by the American Red Cross here. The only things I did not include in my kits were the…

Jenn Bourne