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Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Egypt at the museum. Discover ancient artifacts, mummies, and treasures that will transport you back in time.
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Tomb of Sennefer | TT96

You'll pass a steep tunnel, which opens into an antechamber covered with stunning painted decoration that shows Sennefer entering the underworld. Then, enter the main burial chamber through a doorway guarded by jackals. There, you'll be left hypnotized by the beauty of the burial chamber's ceiling. Further, a series of glamorous painted scenes for the couple and their daughter will take you some minutes to decode! #tripsinegypt #vacationinheart

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Grand Egyptian Museum

Under the sky of Egyptian civilization, the largest museum in the world, the Grand Egyptian Museum is specialized in astonishing and leaving people dazzled as to what extent of power it includes inside! It hosts a rare collection within it that consists of King Tut's Tomb with other thousands of rare and unique archaeological pieces taking the museum as their new home! #EgyptToursPortal #Egypt #egypttravel #travel2022 #tour #traveler #egypttourism #vacation #Holidays #visitegypt

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