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Discover eco-friendly living ideas to reduce your carbon footprint and create a sustainable lifestyle. Explore tips and inspiration for a greener and more environmentally conscious way of living.
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Although you may not get single-use plastic bags at the grocery store checkout anymore, there are still plastic bags being used for produce and plastic packaging is still used on almost everything… one problem has been solved but there’s more to go. Unnecessary plastic is making its way into our homes, and often through the kitchen. So, we’ve looked at a number of ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle in the kitchen.

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Title: Easy Tips For A Sustainable Home
Easy Plastic Swaps for an Eco-Friendly Life + Home
Tips include: avoiding fast fashion, a vegetarian alternative, reusable bags, eco friendly toiletries, and reusing glass jars. 
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Are you looking for ways to be sustainable? We challenge you to choose one of these tips (or more) to add to your daily lifestyle. With the rising negative impacts of climate change, we need to change our ways to save our planet. Sustainable living is the best way to help our environment and reduce waste. Follow for more eco-friendly tips! #plasticfree #plasticswaps #ecofriendly #sustainable sustainable living for beginners | zero waste | minimalism | sustainable living ideas

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Living in Harmony: A Glimpse Into Eco-Village Life Sustainable Village, Modern Village, Eco Village Community, Community Village, Sustainable Housing, Village Design, Village Life, Village Lifestyle, Community Living

My foray into eco-villages was more of a spiritual awakening than a mere professional diversion. Think of a world where people live in harmony with nature, rather than in a busy metropolis where the only wildlife you're likely to see is the odd urban fox digging through trash. It all started on a normal Tuesday when, in the middle of all the email and deadline madness, I came across an article on eco-friendly living. There was something genuinely intriguing about the notion of eco-villages —…