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How to make McDonald's hash browns at home with three ingredients

An Australian man has revealed how to make hash browns 'better than McDonald's' at home - and the secret to getting the right shape is putting them in the freezer before cooking.

Debbie Darbyshire Van Nes
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Clean Circle is a personal care brand focused on helping you reduce beauty waste with functional products that protect skin health. Our eco-friendly and sustainable solutions are designed to help you create less impact while still achieving the healthy glow of beautiful skin.

Emmee Belle Lopez
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Healthy Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bowl

This Healthy Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bowl recipe is an easy way to kick start your day and keep your taste buds satisfied. This breakfast bowl is the epitome of nourishing your body while keeping you full throughout the morning. Simply mix and match your favorite toppings and you'll create a delicious early morning meal or snack. Entirely Gluten-Free.

Meredith Allen