Dragon vs wyvern

Unleash the excitement as dragons and wyverns clash in an epic battle. Discover the key differences and decide which mythical creature rules the fantasy realm.
Ideaz : What is the difference between Dragons, Wyverns, Drakes, Wyrms and Jabberwocky ?

The differentiation between a dragon and a wyvern in Western mythology is that a dragon has six limbs (four legs and two wings) whereas a wyvern has four (the "front legs" are also the wings). Types of Dragons vs Wyverns Dragons in Skyrim are actually Wyverns, meaning that the dragonborn is actually a Wyvern born, and that the dragon language is Wyvern language, also the Wyvernborn cant absorb dragon souls, only Wyvern souls, and that the blades are not dragon hunters, but Wyvern hunters…

Tiffany B