Doterra geranium diffuser blends

Enhance your well-being with these invigorating geranium diffuser blends. Discover the perfect combination of scents to create a calming atmosphere in your home and uplift your spirits.
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Essential Oils for Babies and Infants

Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils has gained major popularity among all age groups because of its effectiveness in treating various kind of ailments and its various methods of application. Essential oils are commonly used in baths, teas, massage oils, inhalants, and diffusers.

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3 ways to use Geranium

A member of the Pelargonium genus, geranium is grown for its beauty and is a staple scent of the perfume industry. Uses of geranium date back to ancient Egypt, when it was used to beautify the skin and hair. doTERRA Geranium essential oil can be used similarly today to enhance your daily beauty routines.

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