Dollhouse ceiling fan diy

Create a charming oasis in your dollhouse with these DIY ceiling fan ideas. Transform your miniature space into a cozy retreat with a touch of elegance.
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I glued on table tennis balls to make the shades and trimmed them with stickers. I made the frosted and fluted globe ceiling lights from ceiling fan pulls I removed the chain and enlarged the holes and placed the chip inside the hole before attaching the beads. I used metallic and regular acrylic craft paints and vanish. I used wood craft pieces by Woodpile and Woodsies. I made other items from charms, bead caps, plastic rings, balloon sticks and a metal tubes. I used my Dremel to cut holes…

Claire Taylor
Miniature Ceiling Fan Tutorial

Today I wanted to share with you how to make a miniature ceiling fan. I used simple objects that are easy to find at the craft store to make this project. You can make the ceiling fan for any size doll, depending on the size parts that you use. Tools you will need are a drill, Easy Cutter (or something to cut a thin wooden dowel), wire cutters, and pliers. Here is a list of the parts that I used, including Hobby Lobby's item numbers. Craft wood shapes - ovals - item #500082 Craft wood…

Jennifer Vanderbeek