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Step into a world of wonder at the doll museum and discover a fascinating collection of dolls from different eras. Immerse yourself in the history and artistry of these cherished toys.
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If anyone can swoop in, get the doll stories, and get back home within 72 hours, it is Erik and me, Rachel. Over this past week, we flew to Indianapolis, Indiana, to work on an appraisal project and film two significant private doll collections for the Shoot for the Stars Virtual Doll Convention. We

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Recently, I came across an ‘article’ by Elle Decor entitled “40 Things No Person Over 40 Should Have In Their Home.” Number 29 on the list was “Creepy Old Dolls” saying, “If they start to give you the willies, or look like they're always judging you, don't keep them around.” In light of this

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