Doll house wallpaper

Transform your dollhouse into a charming miniature home with these beautiful wallpaper ideas. Create a cozy and stylish atmosphere for your doll family to enjoy.
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This beautiful printable 1:12 scale miniature wallpaper has been inspired by the vintage damask pattern I found in public domain and adapted. I have added a stylish cream colour wainscoting to it as they look so elegant together! It will add elegance and femininity to your miniature house/dollhouse. Ideal for miniature interiors. If you would like it in different colour or format please send me a convo - I can optimise it for you. The design is optimised to make working with it easy. 3…

Print your own wood laminate dollhouse flooring - 5 different wood patterns Diy, Decoration, Wood, Miniature, Doll House Flooring, Doll House Wallpaper, Dollhouse Decorating, Dollhouse Furniture, Wooden Flooring

Here are some printable wooden laminate doll house floors for you... after printing them you can do one of two things: 1. Print, cover with clear vinyl laminate (like Contact Paper), trim, and glue to your floor. 2. Print, spray several coats of clear acrylic sealer, trim, and glue to your floor.

Cindy Ayala
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11 things to use for dollhouse miniatures wallpaper, including unusual items that will give your doll's house remodel some flair. Dollhouse miniature DIY ideas for using dollhouse printables. Dollhouse projects and miniatures tutorials.

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