Dog proof fence

Keep your furry friend safe and secure with these effective methods to dog proof your fence. Discover how to prevent escape attempts and ensure a happy and secure environment for your beloved pet.
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Quick Summary Ensure your fence is at least six feet tall (particularly for larger breeds) Prevent digging with an L-footer or concrete footer Add strong locks to doors and gates Prevent larger dogs from climbing with a smooth fence or fence roller Add dense bushes at the base of fences…

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Prevent Dogs From Digging Out- Easy Fix: We love our dogs, they're great! When we adopted our first dog from the shelter, she had been returned there by her first owners because she was a digger. She's an amazing dog and I'm so glad we were able to adopt her. After bringing her home, sure …

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Purrfect Fence can help you stop a climbing dog with our fence post extension brackets which will safely keep your pet in a contained area. A fence dog extension can be the difference between keeping your dog in an escape-proof area and the experts at Purrfect Fence can help with our fence extension arm.

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